Soufside Genius rebrands the Southside of Chicago as an incubator for musical genius.

For decades, the south side Chicago has been fertile grounds for musical geniuses such as Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Earth, Wind & Fire, Minnie Riperton, Common and so many others. However, whenever people think of Chicago, especially the south-side, the first thing that comes to mind is violence & the high crime rate. Anyone who is actually from Chicago knows there are many great qualities about our city, most notably the resilience.


Soufside Genius was founded in May of 2020 in response to a need for Chicago musicians to be accurately represented in a world that tell them that they are less-than because they come from a 'crime-filled' area. There is great deal of talent from Chicago that is being neglected by the record industry because they refuse to confine themselves to inauthentic images that have been forced upon them. We assist artists brand themselves accurately as their true selves to help them reach the right people who can support their genius.


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